Who we are


Regenerative Medicine remains an extremely popular area in medicine, for years it has promised a lot—breakthrough in therapies, a revolution in treatments, and a change in delivery paradigms.

REGENERATE was formed by Dr Hans Jörg Meisel, Gudrun Knedlitschek, Dieter Falkenhagen, and Christian Herbst in 2005 as a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) to establish a network to improve the interconnection between research and education in the area of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering. 

The legal entity EEIG structure was to encourage cross-border cooperation in the highly interdisciplinary field of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering.

In 2012 the EEIG has been changed to Regenerate Europe e.V. so also natural persons can be join the network


Regenerative medicine is the „process of replacing or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function“. This field holds the promise of regenerating damaged tissues and organs in the body by replacing damaged tissue and/or by stimulating the body’s own repair mechanisms to heal previously irreparable tissues or organs. 

Regenerative medicine also empowers scientists to grow tissues and organs in the laboratory and safely implant them when the body cannot heal itself. Importantly, regenerative medicine has the potential to solve the problem of the shortage of organs available for donation compared to the number of patients that require life-saving organ transplantation. Depending on the source of cells, it can potentially solve the problem of organ transplant rejection if the organ’s cells are derived from the patient’s own tissue or cells.